G-T-P Goods To Person Oder Picking Work Stations

Ergnomically Designed Goods-To-Person Order Picking Stations With Source & Order Containers Fed from Flow Racks, Miniload Sequencers, Miniload Shuttle AS/RS
  • Structured G-T-P Workstation Design Guarantees Highest Picking Quality .
  • Increases Picking Performance By A Factor Of 10 In Comparison To Conventional Picking
  • G-T-P Work Stations High-Performance, Ergonomically-Optimized
  • G-T-P Work Station System Accelerates Slow-Moving Unit Picking.
  • Picking Performance Of Upto 1,000 Picks Per Hour Together With An Optimum Material Flow.
  • Enables Pick Directly To Order Containers And Cartons.
  • Highest Picking Quality, Errors Reduced To Almost Zero
  • Reliable Picking Even When Dealing With Fragile, High-End Products .
  • Maximum Product Protection Through Gentle Handling .
  • Work Stations And Procedures Are Designed So That The Items (Weights) To Be Handled Manually Are Only Moved Downwards Or Horizontally .
  • Higher Flexibility With Varying Order Structures Due To Optimized Staff Deployment .
  • Can Be Connected Directly To Automated Warehouse System.
  • Optional Functions Include Applications For Efficient Storage Consolidation And Inventory Management.
  • Carefully Designed “Top To Bottom” Movement Sequence Makes The Work Less Strenuous.
  • Contact Surfaces Are Made Of Touch-Friendly Wooden Components Cladding The Cold Metal, Enhancing The Gentlest Handling Of Your Products
  • Light Barrier Monitoring Prevents Incorrect Additions
  • Space-Efficient When Multiple Units Are Combined .
  • Option To Visualize Additional Processes .
  • Integrated Light Curtain Permanently Monitors All Slots And Ensures Outstanding Picking Quality
  • Semi-Automatic Picking Station Focuses On Ergonomics And Efficiency.
  • At This Station, Order Totes Or Cartons Are Filled Quickly And Correctly According To The Goods
  • To Person Principle While Ensuring That Products Are Handled With The Utmost Care.
  • This System Is Especially Beneficial When Picking Times Are Prolonged Due To Additional Tasks (E.G. Labeling, Packing, Serial Number Gathering) Or High Pick Quantities Per Order Line.
  • Light-Guided Picking, Ergonomic Design And Touch-Friendly Surfaces Optimize Work Processes And Greatly Facilitate The Job In Hand.
  • The Station Was Also Designed So As To Make It Possible For People With Disabilities To Be Hired.
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