Lift Stores-Supplies Beds, Medical Items-Food-Laundry Trolleys From Racks Inside Lift Cavity In Multi-Storey Hospitals

Lift Stores-Delivers Clean Beds, Trollies For Patient Food, Trollies For Linen-Medical Supplies-Consumables On Racks Inside Lift Cavities. Efficiently store and exchange hospital beds in minutes. Beds can be stored in lift shafts and cleaned by centralized team in basement. Saves space increases hospital intake capacity, frees up rooms-corridors, minimizes staff-duplication of resources across multiple wards
26 m High System Serves 8-Storey Hospital. 52 m High System Serves 16-Storey Hospital
Goods Accessible Across 6 To 12 Floors. Ready-To-Use Goods Stored In Lift Cavity. Each Floor Has 3 Ready-To-Use Beds, 15 Trollies
Allows Faster Admission. Improve Bed Utilization, Profits.
Improves Profits-ROI By Allowing Housing More Patients.
Enthrall Patients With Hygienic, Silent, Peaceful Service.
Maintain Buffer Stocks Without Using Valuable Floor Space
Use Lift Shaft, Space Outside Building Walls To Store Items.
Reduces Service Lifts. Installation In Existing Lift Shafts.
Cuts Common Inventories Of Items, Tools Across Wards.
Nurses Can Focus On Patient Instead Of Inventory Control.
Faster Exchange Between Wards And Centralized Tasks.
Automate Routine Tasks. Use Fewer People Per Ward.
Keeps Corridors Clutter-Free For Emergencies
Idle Time Of Lift Used To Replenish Stocks In Lift Cavity.
Maintain Cleanliness-Safety-Hygiene With Few Staff.
Increase Availability Of Specialized Staff And Machines.
Run Daily Tasks Across All Wards With Fewer People.
Allows Ward Staff To Focus On More Essential Tasks.
Fewer Staff With Same Skills-Repetitive Tasks Across Wards.
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