Vertical Lift – Goods Elevators

Vertical lift 540.01 is designed for the vertical transport of full and empty pallets, skeleton transport boxes, and trays.
The frame consists of bolted steel profiles and which are powder coated in RAL 7035 light grey.
The load is carried by a Type 510 roller conveyor.
The vertical movement is by two roller chains with break Monitoring.
The drive, which is frequency-regulated in relation to the conveying height and throughput, can be mounted above or below, and on either side.
Can be free-standing as a frame, or built into a masonry shaft. For use at normal room temperatures and down to -30°C.
The Discontinued base enclosure or speed doors, speed controlled parachute Brakes, Various height measuring devices for vertical positioning, a maintenance platform with two access points per stopping Station and various cladding are available.
Vetrical lift – Type 540.01
• Drive top
• without load handling attachment
Vertical lift – Type 540.10
• Version ConVer
• drive lateral / top centered
• without load handling attachment
Vertical lift – Type 540.30
• Inlet-/outlet around the corner
• drive top
• without load handling attachment
Vertical lift – Type 540.31
• Inlet-/outlet around the corner
• Bottom drive
• without load handling attachment
Goods Elevators With/ Without Operators
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