Toothed Belt Conveyor



Toothed belt conveyor is a mechanical conveyor system with a fixed conveying path.
It is executed stationary in a horizontal position.
Optionally, the drive is set up as a head or central drive.
The conveyor is used for the transport of general cargo (containers, workpiece holders, boxes, etc.) indoors and at normal room temperature.
The drive and return stations are secured by cover plates.
The toothed belt conveyor is modular so that various transfers can be implemented.
Furthermore, retrofitting of storage modules is possible.
Toothed belt conveyor – Type 309.01
• Drive under the conveyor (400V)
• not reversible
Toothed belt conveyor – Type 309.04
• Lateral drive (400V)
• not reversible
Toothed belt conveyor – Type 309.20
• Drive via motorized roller (24V)
• reversible
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