Tilt Tray Sorter

  • Automatically and reliably sorts individually bar coded packages to designated locations at a high rate of speed
  • It is ideal for a high number of sorts and is designed for future expansion
  • The system gently handles the products
  • The noise level is much lower than other types of sortation systems
  • Labor requirements are dramatically reduced
  • It is a continuous loop sortation conveyor – combination of tilting trays and chutes that send products to an assigned lane based on an order.
  • The packages are either manually or automatically inducted onto the Tilt Tray Sorter based on orders that have been downloaded for picking.
  • The products are scanned at induction and when the product reaches its assigned location the tray is tilted and the product is discharged down the chute that has been assigned to that order.
  • The addition of this type of sortation has increased the rate and accuracy of products being shipped today by apparel companies.
  • Mixed shapes of small boxes and light articles of clothing in poly bags can be reliably sorted into numerous assigned locations.
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