Single Deep Telescopic Forks SD160/SD175

Single Deep Telescopic Forks For AS/RS Stacker Cranes, AGV, Transfer Carts, E-Pallets
Telescopic forks are mainly used in automated warehouses and in several industrial automation systems. In the automated warehouses, the telescopic forks handle loads from the aisle’s centre to the rack positions and vice versa. They can be installed also on other devices as AGVs-LGVs with a lifting unit.
Single Deep Telescopic forks have two slides and one fixed body, can handle loads stored in a single line shelves. They have a larger plate installed on top in order to ensure the load stability. They are more suitable for smaller mini-loads plants with restrained weights and quick cycles and also for special projects like coils. Most forks are available with options of rack-pinion drive, belt drive, chain drive, lifting system, variable fork distance, automotive application
SD160: Width 160 mm Stroke 1200 mm, Ht 65mm Payload 800 Kg/Set. Sample Application For AGV Width 1000 mm SD175: Width 175mm, Stroke 1400 mm, Hts 65, 68, 71 mm Payload 1500 Kg/Set. Temp upto -280 C. Sample Application For Stacker Cranes Aisle Width 1600 mm
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