Telescopic Forks For Miniloads

Telescopic Forks For Miniloads-Cartons-Totes-Plastic Bins
Telescopic forks are mainly used in automated warehouses and in several industrial automation systems. In the automated warehouses, the telescopic forks handle loads from the aisle’s centre to the rack positions and vice versa. They can be installed also on other devices as AGVs-LGVs with a lifting unit.
Classified as: Single Deep forks (two mobile parts and one fixed body), Double Deep forks (three mobile parts and one fixed body) and Triple Deep forks (four mobile parts and one fixed body).
Single Deep Double Deep Forks For Miniloads
Two Slides And One Fixed Body. Can Handle Loads Stored In A Single Line Shelves Three Slides And One Fixed Body. Can Handle Loads Stored In A Two Lines Shelves By Obtaining Greater Strokes. Used To Handle Small Storage Units Eg. Plastic Or Cardboard Boxes Upto 150 Kgs. Compact Vertical Dimensions 32-40 mm In Single Deep, 60-80 Mm In Double Deep Makes Them Extremely Versatile
Forks For Miniloads Forks For Coils Forks For Critical Environments
For Small Storage Units Eg Plastic Or Cardboard Boxes Upto 300 Kg On Two Forks. Can Reach An High Acceleration To Significantly Reduce The Cycle Time. To Handle Coils Of Varied Diameters With Better Contact Area And Better Load Distribution. For Special Environmental Conditions Eg. High Humidity, High Temperature (Up To 400°C)
Belt Driven Systems Chain Driven Systems Forks With Lifting Systems
Enables Load Handling Without Moving The Forks For Light Storage Units. Systems With Double Belts Allow Separate-Independent Management Of Two Storage Units With Integrated Lifting Unit For Heavier Loads Upto 1500 Kg, Allows Deposit-Collect Loads In The Bay Without Moving The Forks Forks Allows Lifting Of Loads On Shuttles, AGVs, LGVs Etc Without A Lifting Function
Variable Fork-To-Fork Distance
Fork Distances Can Be Varied For Warehouses Managing Loads With Different Sizes
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