Telescopic Belt Conveyors For Goods Docking-Receipt-Dispatch-Loading Area

They are ideal for loading and unloading piece goods of all kinds from trucks, containers, etc.
They are installed near the loading-unloading ramp to accept-deliver goods to external vehicles.
They connect loading-dispatch area to external heavy goods vehicles and in-plant material flow system.
The loading bay in the container, semi-trailer or HGV can be up to almost 22 metres in length.
They connect in-plant automation to loading area responsible for goods receipt and dispatches.
And are therefore the first and last mile connection of the internal material flow system.
The loading area labor burden is reduced leaving them free to focus on two tasks:-
– Driving the telescopic belt conveyor in and out to the right position at the touch of a button
– And placing the packaged goods at the time of loading or unloading.
The ergonomic design and the large contingent of safety devices, such as the covers on all moving parts, are important factors for high productivity and safety in the workplace.
Everything else takes place through system control, due to full integration into the conveyance technology.
Flexible, adaptable access systems are the key to success.
Efficient, time and energy saving loading processes simplify the material flow.
Integrated systems ensure a seamless transition from transport logistics to internal conveyance technology – in each direction.
They take care of the majority of the loading work for seamless execution of the transportation process.
They reach right into the farthest corner reducing unnecessary efforts by personnel.
Two series (double extendable / triple extendable) each with twelve different, directly configurable models, an extensive range of accessories.
This choice of modules fulfills every requirement with every conceivable parameter such as ramp length, access to supply technology, transportation vehicle and packaged goods
With the help of height adjustment (manual or electric), displacement or transverse movement device and remote control, the extendable telescopic belt conveyor can be tailored precisely to the respective workplace.
A control cage and lighting can also be added to give employees the greatest possible support.
Operation: via push buttons on the front and / or on the side.
“Emergency off” button on the front.
Lighting: on the front on the last extendable part.
Safety: Safety contact strip on the last extendable part.
All moving parts completely covered. Jump roller at tail pulley.
Control: PLC Siemens S7-1200. Adjustable belt drive MOVITRAC MC07.
Belt drive: SEW Eurodrive R57
Extension drive: SEW Eurodrive R47
Height adjustment (hydraulic or manual) (H min. +60 mm)
Control basket for one person (can be dismantled!)
Additional lighting on the basket
Moving device manually
Electric transverse traversing device
Control via remote control
Belt widths: 600 and 800 mm, Belt speed 0.5 m/s. 3 ph 400V gear motor with rubber friction roller drum Conveying lengths: closed position 4.2m to 7.3m, Opened position 8.2m to 21.7m
Stationary use: The conveyor is equipped with two pairs of supports, min. Height (upper edge of belt) of 555 or 705 mm.Movability: The conveyor can be equipped to be manually or electrically movable in longitudinal and transverse directions.
Manual maneuverability– double fixed/swivel castors with Vulkollan covering.
Powered maneuverability – track wheels with a rim are preferably used.
Height adjustment: In the stationary and mobile version through electrically driven hydraulic lifting device with 2 lifting cylinders.The telescopic parts are retracted and extended via two precision roller chains using a three-phase geared brake motor.
All belt deflection and carrier rollers have precision ball bearings and are adjustable to regulate the belt run.Electric Control: At both ends of the belt by pushbutton belt run in / out, telescope retracting / extending (dead man), with height adjustment also up / down (dead man)
The required contactors, control transformer and motor protection switch, a socket for the power supply and a group of control buttons are housed in a sheet steel switch cabinet on the side of the frame.
The control buttons on the extendable part are sunk laterally at the end of the conveyor.Before delivery, all telescopic conveyors are tested in the factory for proper function of all parts.
The power supply to the limit switches, motors and control buttons is protected within the scaffolding. A switch bracket is attached to the delivery end of the extension part, which switches off the extension process when actuated.Frame in very stable profile steel / sheet steel welded construction.
The extending parts are shifted on ball bearing guide rollers.
Belt removal on top, sliding on sheet steel.

Belt run counterclockwise or clockwise
The belt run is set for the corresponding running direction.
The electrical equipment is installed ready for use. Most of the bearings are provided with permanent lubrication and are maintenance-free.

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