Floor Guided Stacker Cranes For AS/RS For Automated Warehouses

Stacker cranes for high density storage retrieval for unit loads and miniloads for cold storages, automated warehouses, distribution centers for goods on pallets, cages, carts, roll cages, trollies. Also useful for manufacturing plants for raw materials, semi-finished, finished goods storage, in-plant buffer storage of sub-assemblies, work in process, JIT supplies of parts,
Pallets Unit Loads Cages Trilateral Forks Multi-Deep Pallet Shuttle Live Pallet Racks Flat Goods Slabs Panels
Stacker Cranes Pallet Unit Loads
Long Goods Fruits Veggies Sheetmetal Shop Miniloads Spares Tray Picking
Honeycomb Storage For Flat Long Goods Order Picking By Onboard Operator Goods In Roll Cages
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