Stacker Cranes For AS/RS For Pallets Storage

  • Used to store unit loads or pallets upto 1500,2000, 2500 kgs in high bay warehouses at a height of from 8 to 24 m.
  • This device type is also used for automatic loading and unloading of flow rack systems.
  • Double mast design for a stiff and reliable structure that meets even the highest requirements.
  • Load handling device are telescopic forks for single-double-triple deep storage. Shuttles for multi deep storage in channel warehouses.
  • Optionally it can be equipped with camera systems for efficient troubleshooting, fault finding with increasd operator comfort-safety.
  • Optionally it can be quipped with intelligent power saving controls which dynamically control speed-acceleration, recover braking energy and feed to next motion.
  • Curve-going stacker crane used for pallet loads upto 2000 kg stored in a high-bay warehouse with several aisles.
  • Curve-going SRM compete with conventional warehouses that can be served with stacker trucks.
  • Best suited where automation is sensible, but low throughput allows for using one ASRS machine to serve several aisles.
  • SRM have the benefit of requiring fewer staff and lower operating and maintenance costs. Multi-shift operation is also possible cost-effectively.
  • Process safety can be increased as compared to stacker warehouses, throughput can be increased and operator errors can be minimised.
  • The curve-going SRM can serve several racking aisles by leaving the aisle and running to another aisle via a rail and switch system.
  • This system offers the benefits of an automatic warehouse, at lower investment costs than the aisle-specific SRM solution.
  • The warehouse can be supplemented by another SRM until each aisle has an SRM installed if the throughput requirements increase.
  • Initial investment can thus be kept low. Curve-going SRM also offer the benefit of flexibility.
  • The small curve radius permits space saving storing of racking aisles. This leads to optimised use of existing warehouse space.
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