Micro-Load Store For Compact-Dense-High Speed-High Volume Storage Of Cubical-Rectangular Items 5 gm to 1 kgs

Automated storage retrieval systems for small pharmacies storing 20,000 packages, throughput 250 packages/h, medium pharmacies storing 40,000 packages, 300 packages/h, large-online pharmacies storing 80,000 packages. 550 packages/hour.


  • Automatically stores > 90% of products available in pharmacy.
  • Saves working hours lost in walking-picking-sorting medicines without any sales.
  • Can be installed in ground floor, basement, first floor, storage face up or on side.
  • Can be easily integrated in existing building around pipes, columns, recesses.
  • Storage layout, output numbers-positions, service accesses freely configurable.
  • Handles storage-retrieval, general maintenance, processing of returns easily.
  • Modularity, easy assembly/disassembly, free choice of installation location
  • Low weight. Low noise. Energy efficient. Robust technology. Low capex.
Small pharmacies 20,000 packages. 76 packages / 5 min. 250 packages/h

  • Shelf depth 44 cm, wide 1.60 m height 2.4 / 2.8/ 3.2 m height grid 10 cm
  • Length 2.48 to 7.2m length grid 36 cm
  • Handles cubic, cylindrical packs 5 to 1200 gm. Barcodes PZN, PZN8, EAN, 2D.
  • Cubic packs W x H x L min. 15 x 15 x 35 mm to max. 140 x 140 x 130 mm
  • Cylindrical packs H x Ø min. 15 x 35 mm to max. 140 x 140 mm.
  • Current 230 V. Energy consumption ~ 320 Watt/h. Stand-by < 70 Watt/h
Medium pharmacies:- 40,000 packages. 120 packages/ 8 min. 300 packages/h

  • Two sizes:-shelf depth 40 cm, wide 1.60 m. OR shelf depth 24 cm, wide 1.27 m
  • Handles cubic, cylindrical packs 5 to 1200 gm. Barcodes PZN, PZN8, EAN, 2D.
  • Height 2.0-3.6 m, grid 10 cm length 3.1-12m grid 50 cm
  • Cubic pack dimensions W x H x L min. 15 x 15 x 35 mm max. 140 x 120 x 195 mm
  • Cylindrical pack dimensions H x Ø min. 15 x 35 mm to max. 120 x 140 mm.
  • Current 400 V.. Energy consumption ~ 340 Watt/h. Stand-by < 70 Watt/h
  • Option to integrate conveyor belts, lifts, slides, pneumatic posts, etc.
  • Digital signage for visual behind-the-counter. Over 500 different color options
Large pharmacies:- 80,000 packages. Stores/dispenses up to 550 packages/hour

  • Shelf depth 40 cm, wide 1.75 m (2.6m including input system).
  • Height 2.0 to 3.6 m, height grid 10 cm, length 4.39-21.12m length grid 50 cm
  • Handles cubic, cylindrical or bulk packs up to 5 kg. Barcodes PZN, PZN8, EAN, 2D.
  • Double grippers. Can retrieve separate orders, also store-cleans-reorganize inventory.
  • Both grippers work independently, can access any space, best support at peak times.
  • Storage-retrieval entirely decoupled, can take place simultaneously.
  • Semi-Automatic: Packs scanned, placed on conveyor belt. Transfer gripper aligns packs, measures and photographs and feeds them into machine with a single movement!
  • Full automatic:- Fitted with feeder/ PicknPlace and scanner with 6 cameras for OCR.
Feeder handles 200 packages/h. Handles direct delivery, special packages, returns.

  • Securely packed cubic packs W x H x L min. 20 x 20 x 40 max. 100 x 100 x 180 mm
  • Weights 5 g to 500 g. Power 230 V / 16 A. Can be attached on the long side
  • Identifies medicines. Relieves staff from repeat work, allows to focus on other tasks.
  • Separates packs of all common sizes and weights to optimize storage positions.
  • Scans barcodes, identifies each product, OCR expiry date, batch number, transfers packages with their recorded data to storage and retrieval system.
  • OCR, data connection helps verify incoming goods for potential defective packages
  • Works independently of storage arms Dimensions L x W x H 1800 x 450 x 770 mm
iScan vision camera scans authenticates, inspects goods at the time of receipt.

  • Handles cubic cylindrical shapes. 500 packages/h. Illuminated by six LED bars.
  • Six GGR7 industrial cameras take photos for OCR of articles from all angles.
  • OCR, data connection helps verify incoming goods for potential defective packages
  • Pick&place stores 400 packages/ h. Handle closed, cubic articles max 500 gm/unit.
  • Requires a compressed air connection of 6 bar and a power supply of 230V / 16A.
  • Removes medicine packs from wholesale containers, transfers to storage system.
  • Option of buffer trays (4 to 8) provide space for up to an additional 180 packs.
  • Option to automatically clean shelves automatically and regularly.
  • Multi-order processing helps serve large number of customers quickly by either combining several items or sorting-dispensing several items for faster throughput.
  • Expiry date control, speed, reduced errors, data analysis optimize processes.
  • Security UPS ~ 60 min. in emergency. Cold standby computer optional
  • Additional data backup to external hard drive and remote monitoring available.
  • USV emergency mode, cold stand-by computer, external double data backup.
  • Long-term spares warranties, remote video support, 24/7 hotline maintenance
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