Stacker Cranes For Mini-Load Warehouses

For efficient, systematic quick access with high throughput, optimal space utilisation in automated small parts warehouse.
Help short cycle times, direct access to all articles as well as high throughput performance and optimum space utilisation.
Miniload stacker cranes optimize space usage in warehouses up to 25 m high at speeds of up to 6 m/s, accelerate up to 5.3 m/s².
These smart high-performance fully automated and absolutely reliable devices display their full potential in trouble-free, multi-shift operation (24/7).
Energy produced during braking is stored on the machine in the SuperCaps and returned to the drive system for the next acceleration processes.
Their light structure saves energy, and the novel, modular mast design allows the stacker crane to be flexibly scalable.
Our innovative rail construction, with an Omega drive system integrated into the mast base, provides the lowest approach dimensions in its class and therefore even more optimised space utilisation.
Goods are stored on and retrieved from angular supports or modular shelving.
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