Cross Belt Sorters


– This mechanically driven sorter sorts upto 16,500 conveyed goods per hour at a speed of 2.0 m/s.
Allows the sorting of a wide range of products, which reaches from clothing and letters to multimedia products upto packed food.
Can transport containers, totes,parcels, paper and poly-bags (foil-wrapped items) of various shapes with dimensions ranging from 100 to 600 mm, weighing from 100 grams to 35 kgs.
By occupying two carriers (double shells) with one conveyed item, even longer unit loads upto a maximum of 1200 mm can be sorted.
Allows a continuous material flow between goods receipt, storage, order picking and dispatch.
The internal material flow can be optimised. And the available space can be used effectively.
Thus such installations brings enormous economic advantages.
Allows the sorting of a wide range of different materials at high speed.
Particularly interesting for logistics centres in CEP Courier, Express And Parcel Market sector. Online trade / e-commerce facing increased parcel volumes, rapidly changing buying behavior, customer expectations for quicker delivery-returnability of goods.
Increased availability -Robust design from proven mechanical components, precise controls ensures that the sorter requires least maintenance.
Increased reliability of entire system ensured by chain tensioning system, adaptive and automatic minimum quantity lubrication system as well as condition monitoring.
High flexibility through modular design makes it possible to construct and expand existing plant as required or to adapt the system to changing conditions to make optimum use of available space.
Increased economic efficiency due to easy maintenance, low operating costs, intelligent controls.
Precise control continuously monitor the entire system, dynamically adjusting infeed times, speeds with intelligent sequencing for increased efficiency of distribution and sorting processes.
System condition monitoring on continuous basis helps preventive maintenance of individual sorter components by intelligent algorithms and analysis of various operating parameters.
Carrier tape-based sorting system developed for sorting a wide variety of products.
Applications range from clothing, multimedia, pharmaceutical and postal parcels to fresh food (including egg cartons) to fragile or bottled products.
The goods are placed on separate conveyor belts that run perpendicular to the sorting flow.
The belt moves left or right to deliver the product to the right place. The carrier tapes are driven mechanically.
Goods can be sucked onto the carriers manually or via a semi-automatic feed belt.
Modular structure – available in a horizontal or vertical orientation, as well as in an oval, U or straight shape.
Compact design of the vertical crossbelt sorter is perfect for locations with limited space.
Carriers move over the top of the sorter while sorting the goods and circulate upside down along the bottom.
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