Small Parts Warehouse With Shuttles To Minimize Travel OF Miniload Stacker Cranes

AKL Small Parts Warehouse Stacker Cranes For Miniloads-Totes-Trays-Boxes-Bins-Boxes-Cartons Upto 500kgs
  • Storage Retrieval Machines- Cranes take-over the automated input and output of conveyance goods in AS/RS
  • These spectacular devices – alongside their sheer size – are key elements of efficiency and performance.
  • Just like giraffes, they reach the topmost branch – and naturally every shelf compartment.
  • Depending on size of cranes they can move loads of between 50 kg to 500 kg with device heights of upto 24 m.
  • The storage and retieval crane is equipped with various load lifting equipment reflective of the task.
  • The mobile cross beam is a welded, low-torsion steel profile construction. The mounting and bearing surfaces are processed on precision machines.
  • Vulkolan-coated drive and guide rollers guarantee quiet and low-wear running. The mast is a steel profile construction.
  • The guide rails from bright drawn material are welded with the aid of a specially produced gauge. This guarantees the precise guiding of the lifting basket with LHD.
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