Multi-Level Shuttles With Integrate Lift Serving Several Miniload Storage Levels Combo Of Stacker Crane With Single Level Shuttle

Automated storage retrieval system with multi-level shuttles with integrated lift to serve multiple storage levels. Low cost Shuttles Based Miniload AS/RS for Fast Movers for boxes-cartons, bins-trays, totes. Shuttles moving on rails cater to several storage levels with single or double deep storage on either side.  Shuttles can reach upto 5-8 storage levels upto height of 5.5m. Move boxes-cartons-bins-trays to and from lifts into storage positions. Shuttle system in central aisle replenishes flat or carton flow racks with pick-by-light order picking solutions for fast movers. Several such shuttles mounted at different height levels can be used in multi-storey warehouses.
Offered In Three Versions:-
MLS Type 1 Has Contact-free Linear Drive Inductive Current Transfer Or Via Power Rails. Has The Benefit Of Having A Drive That Works Nearly Maintenance-free And Allows Relocation Of The Shuttle.
MLS Type 2 Is Driven Via An Omega Configured Toothed Belt Drive. Toothed Belt Fixed On Aisle While Drive On Shuttle Moving Along The Aisle. Most Suitable For Short Storage Aisles- Rapidly Changing Needs. Power Transfer Via Power Rails.
MLS Type 3 Has An All-Wheel Drive To Allow Moving-Storing Even Heavy Goods In Multiple Depths In Long Storage Aisles. Power Transfer Via Power Rails.
MLS Type 1, MLS Type 3 Not Aisle-Bound. Can Change Levels To Serve Multiple Levels In Rack When Throughput Does Not Justify Dedicated Shuttle Per Level.
Data Transmission By Photocell Or Shielded WLAN Network.
Available With Variety Of Load Handling Devices
Can Be Multi-aisle With Each Aisle Separated Into Several Modules
Multi-Storey Warehouse Can Have Several MLS On Top OF Each Other.
Can Serve As Stand-Alone Cost-Effective AS/RS For Fast-Movers Small Parts
WMS Can Help Sequence Goods For In-Plant Buffer-Assembly-Packing-Shipping.
Shuttles Moveable Between Levels If Shuttles At Each Level Not Justified.
Level Change By Vertical Conveyors Adjusted To Customer’s Needs.
Vertical Conveyors Deliver-Retrieve Goods From Shuttles.
Scalable As Needs Grow. Adapts To New Functions-layouts As Needs Change.
Compact System, Fast Assembly, Low Initial Capex – ROI. Low Running Costs.
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