Shuttles Reduce Travel of Miniload Stacker Cranes

  • This solution uses miniload stacker cranes and one level shuttle vehicles.
  • Shuttles move within rack, e.g. below first shelf level, serve goods to be stored and removed to storage retrieval machines working in aisles.
  • Shuttles reduces travel of cranes, Load Wt. vs. Total Wt.Ratio for Cranes 1:40, Shuttles 1:1.5. Hence less mass moved, saves >50% energy.
  • Simplified P&D layout, removes AS/RS pre-zone, brings P&D stations closer to storage area, makes handover to stations more dynamic
  • Increased throughput with lower wear, extended intervals between maintenance, higher availability operations in limited space.
  • Shorter ROI return on investment periods. Fewer aisles, reduces need for further miniload lines.
  • Very good accessibility. Facilitates adaptation to market condition requiring change in storage area layout.
  • Different strategies can be used during low-high demand periods eg. both shuttles can store or retrieve, or one shuttle stores another retrieves.
  • Processes like goods receipt, picking and goods output can therefore be considerably and specifically accelerated.
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