AS/RS Small Parts With 2D Miniload Shuttles For Totes-Cartons-Containers

Automated storage retrieval system for small parts with 4-way 2D miniload shuttles payloads 50 kgs for automated small parts warehouses, akl, miniload systems, small parts as/r for high-density automated storage of totes, cartons, bins of single varieties goods, trays containing goods of mixed varieties. Multi-functional shuttles help storage, retrieval, buffering, staging for shipping, group retrieval, batch retrieval for case picking g-t-p work stations.
Storage-Retrieval Solutions With 2D Shuttle Systems- Economical, High Throughput, Can Fit Irregular Buildings
– 2D shuttles can move lengthwise and crosswise within rack. Can change between rack line systems.
– Stores payload upto 50 kgs wherever there are free storage locations, even behind one another.
– Adjustable telescope arms place different sized containers, trays or cartons directly into rack for storage.
– Each shuttle serves a specific level in rack where they store and retrieve containers, cartons or trays.
– Shuttles move independently of each other, guaranteeing maximum availability.
– Horizontal-vertical movements independent. Shuttles to different levels by shuttle lifts as per demand.
Multi-Function of 2D Miniload Shuttle System
• Dynamic storage locations
• Stores upto four deep-one behind other
• Sequencing for Group, Batch Retrieval
• Facilitates G-T-P picking
• Buffering for shipping
• Staging for shipping
• Replenishment of racks
• Cross Docking
• Handles boxes-cartons without trays
• Omni-channel, multi-channel uses
Multi-functional: storage, picking, buffering, sequencing, replenishment and supply
Can be adapted to existing buildings with low ceilings, column obstruction, irregular shape buildings.
Compact, modular design allows more totes in each shelf for best price /performance ratio.
Reduced process costs thru direct box storage. Significantly improved price-performance ratio
Designed to fit integrated solution of shuttle, shelf, vertical conveyors, conveying technology.
Ideal for use in order fulfillment, distribution centres where high performance, quality required.
Warehousing processes greatly simplified eg re-packaging, handling of empties is deleted.
Decouples picking, replenishing, shipping to use resources effectively flexibly for peak and slack periods.
Amongst other uses, well suited for incoming-outgoing goods for GTP Work Stations.
Energy storage-conservation helps reduce connected loads, energy costs.
Flexible, easily scalable as sales grow, expandable, efficient, ergonomic, economical, and precise
Vertical lifts convey load carriers between the pre-zone and the allocated level in rack system.
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