2D Pallets Shuttles With Telescopic Forks For Single-Double Deep Pallets Storage

2D Bi-Directional Pallet Shuttles for automated storage retrieval system for palletized loads for automated warehouses, distribution centers, order fulfillment centers, in-plant buffer storage. Shuttle based system allow high density storage in existing building with ceiling height restrictions, odd shaped, intruding columns.. Also offer stacker cranes, miniload cranes, pallet shuttle systems, miniload shuttles systems, overhead stacker cranes, overhead shuttle systems
-Overall warehouse storage capacity increases by using a common single aisle space avoiding need for multiple aisles.
-Compared to static selective racks, get 80% increased storage capacity OR save up to 40% of floor space.
-Helps gain additional space which can be allocated for other use or you can increase your stock holding without major structural changes.
-Easiest way to get new space in existing warehouse without major structural changes. Cut aisles, not opportunities.
-No major structural changes required. Adaptable to every type of racking, including pre-existing shelving. Faster ROI return on your investment.
-Modular design makes it scalable, adding mobile bases as required. Mobile bases provides an insulating effect to movement of ground.
-Every individual racks mounted on powered mobile base runing along rail tracks integrated into the levelled concrete floor.
-It opens and closes up, as required, to provide access just to the aisle in which the material required is stored.
-This movement can be achieved by the warehouse operator manually pressing a button or using a remote-control device.
-Each rack controllable with push button installed on racks. PLC with safety sensors to avoid collision between racks and MHE.
-Excellent capacity-to-cost ratio and low maintenance costs. Easy Order Picking with 100 % approachable to any product stored.
-Ideal for storage of large heavy goods on pallets. Items of different sizes weights in normal, cold room or explosive material storage.
-Eg long bodies, such as beams, bars, profiles, extrusions, panels or heavy and bulky goods like moulds, coils or bins.
-Shorter travel distances for MHE movements – reduces energy costs, especially in cold room environments.
-Perfect choice for cold room storage where it’s important to reduce the volume of the cold room or increase its storage capacity.
-Flameproof version available to store inflammable-explosive materials such as inks, paints and solvents. With suitable drives, panels, sensors.
-Mobile racks ca be combined with various automated MHE – Forklifts, Stacker Crane with Radio Shuttles, Autmated Shuttles, Conveyors.
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