Storage-Retrieval Machine For Small Parts Warehouse Lifting Beam

  • For Small Parts Automatic Storage-Retrieval Using Lifting Beam, Moving Carriage, Load Handling Devices
  • Single / Multiple Depth Storage With Good Volume Utilization, Fast Access To Totes, Cartons, Trays.
  • Payload 100 Kgs, Max Width 10m, Max Height 12m. Frame With 2 Lifting Columns, Connecting Profiles.
  • Lifting Beam Places Carriages Vertically To Correct Shelf Level, Moving Carriage Places Load Handling Device At Desired Shelf Bay
  • Compact Self Enclosed, Self Supported Storage Retrieval System Great For Narrow Aisles
  • Several Units May Be Placed Next To Each Other And Connected By Conveyors.
  • Can Be Used Stand-Alone Or Integrated Together With Other Intralogistics Devices.
  • Good Economic Option For Limited Number Of Warehouse Goods With Higher Throughput, Good Efficiency.
  • Useful for Buffer In Shipping, Sequencing Or Storing Empty Containers And To Support Order Picking Equipments.
  • Lower Shelf Levels Can Be Designed As Drive Thru Channels For Zone Picking Allowing Direct Access To Goods By Order Pickers.
  • At Low Heights, Shelf Structure Can Be Integrated Into Structure Of Machine Increasing Volume Utilization. G
  • Great when shelves need to be addressed individually in order to collect or deposit containers or boxes


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