Semi Automated Pallet Warehouse With Radio Shuttles

  • Shuttle configurations are often an ideal solution for high throughput, lower SKU counts.
  • Easiest way to improve warehouse utilization, improve productivity, low labor expenses.
  • Helps tighter aisles, denser rack configurations, increased storage space with same footprint
  • Shuttles travel depth of racking, pick / deposit pallets at the face of either end of the rack.
  • Makes it possible to increase rack depth, eliminate aisles, maximize cubic space utilization.
  • Can also be set up with a dynamic pallet flow case pick tunnel at the base level of the rack. Replenishment pallets are stored at upper levels to feed pallet flow pick lanes at lower levels.
  • All case picking takes place from within a picking tunnel that passes through the rack at ground level. Buffer pallets handled by lift trucks, shuttles in a separate corridor at right angles to pick tunnel.
  • Efficient-space storage of pallets in immediate picking area with good safety, efficient pick aisle.
  • Greater flexibility achieved by combination of mezzanine and pallet shuttle system.
  • Open area for product staging created at ground level with all buffer storage in columns above.
  • This layout allows selectivity and storage density in LIFO or FIFO storage configurations.
  • FIFO is ideal for applications like grocery or other perishable item management
  • LIFO can be used for accumulation and disbursement types of scenarios.
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