Semi-Automated Pallet Shuttles For Multi-Deep Channel Storage With Forklifts

Semi-automated storage solution for lane based storage. Combines drive-in, pushback,live storage system in one.
The shuttle pallet is remotely controlled by user and moved from one lane to another by forklift operato.
Maximises storage space usage, reduces aisles, provides high density storage, increases operator efficiency.
Ideal for growing companies with existing buildings with limited height, easily scalable as sales grows.
Alternative to Pushback, Drive-in Racking, Live Storage systems. Rack structure is similar to drive-in racks.
Li-Battery/ Bus Bar Operated. Allows Different Pallet Sizes 800mm, 1000mm, 1100mm depth by same shuttle, in same channel.
Forklifts load-unload remote controlled single-multiple shuttles and load-unload pallet loads from various aisles.
LIFO, FIFO storage, reduces need of special forklifts Mximum storage in minimal space with fewer forklifts-operators
Sizes 800 x 1200, 1000 x 1200, 1200 x 1600 mm. Narrow Aisle 1000 mm. Payload 1500 Kgs. Works from -300C to +500C.
Improve work efficiency, save labor cost in Food-Beverage, Chemical, Cold Storage, Automobile, 3PL Centers.
FIFO: First In First Out LIFO: Last In First Out
Shuttle loaded on one-side, unloaded on other side Shuttle loaded-unloaded on same side
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