Multi-Aisles Storage of Rolls- Coils Of Metals, Plastics, PVC Films, Fabrics, Papers, Newsprints, Print Rolls, Coated Rolls

IntraLog Innovations, Mumbai offers AS/RS Automatic Storage Retrieval Systems For Rolls-Coils Of Plastics, PVC, Textiles, Printing Rolls, Coated Rolls, Metal Rolls With Overhead Stacker Cranes With Payloads 1000 kgs, 2500 kgs, 4500 kgs Rack Heights 2.44m to 7.62m In Single Double Triple Aisles Configurations
Three Different Ways To Handle Rolls – Coils
Probe (Handles Thru I. D.) Cradle (Handles On O. D.) Mandrel (With Spindle)
Cap Up To 1000 kgs.
Most Dense Storage.
Min. Roll I.D. 150mm.
Max Roll Length 1500mm
Cap. Up To 2500 kgs.
Max Roll Length 1500 mm.
For Drums, Plastic Rolls,
Paper Rolls, Steel Coils…
Cap. Up To 4500 kgs.
Max. Roll Dia. 1500mm
For Plastic Rolls, Paper Rolls,
Print Drums……
  • The Surface Of Rolls Easily Damaged
  • Fewer Products Can BE Placed On Pallets
  • Wooden Pallets Can Hold Less Weight
  • More Air Space Wasted Vertically
  • Rolls Stored In Individual Cradles
  • Rolls Accessible Individually
  • No Wooden Pallets-Dunnage Needed
  • Better Use OF Vertical Space
  • Shorter Length Of System
Applications: Can Handle Rolls – Coils Of
  • Plastic Films
  • PVC Films
  • Fabric – Textile Rolls
  • Paper, Coated Papers, Newsprints
  • Printing Rolls
  • Textile Rubber Rolls
  • Alloy Steel Rolls
  • Almost Any Other Material In Roll/ Coil Form
Few Key Advantages
Improve Your Warehouse Operations…
Optimize Openings With No Wasted Space
Maximize Cube Space
Eliminate Wooden Pallets And Dunnage
Store Same Goods Volume In 50% Space. 
Prevents Roll Surface Damage.
Provides Dense, Organized Storage.
Vertical Storage Saves Floor Space.
Increases Productivity.
Creates Safer Working Environment.
Immediate Accessibility To Stocks.
Greater Equipment Reliability.
Max Cap Load Storage At Any Height.
Reduced Labor Costs.
Improved Employee Productivity.
Top 5 Reasons To Automate

  • Higher Output
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Availability
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced Inventory Damage
Inventory Control

  • Inventory Tracking FIFO/ Randem
  • Store-Track Product Information By SKU, Qty, PIN, Description
  • Enter Single Indivudal Pick Commands OR Multiple Commands For Batch Runs
  • Operate/ Program From Remote Location
Equipment Features

  • Bridge & Trolley-Laser Positioning
  • 360 Deg Mast Rotation-Encoder Positioning
  • Carriage Full Height Positioning – Laser Positioning
  • Maintenance Mode Override For Manual Operation
  • Ethernet Wireless Communication
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