Selective Pallet Rack

Preferred for FIFO storage of warehouses with wide range of fast-moving SKUs.
Can be Single Deep, Double Deep.In Double Deep two rows connected back to back. Middle row will have four rows of rack.
Requires one aisle for four rows of pallet racking, which gives saving in floor space vs single deep. Requires special MHE which should extend from aisle facing bay to the pallet in rear bay.
With low investment costs the racking configuration can be easily modified and extendable.
Working aisle and the height depends on MHE, pallet size and the height of warehouse.
Increased storage capacity compared to Selective pallet racking.
No of aisle gets reduced storage space gets increased.
Modular construction allows expandable and suitable to re-organize for future.
Combination of selective and High dense storage follows Last in First out (LIFO) and an economical alternative to drive in racking.Offers full access to all pallets to the full height of the warehouse
Adaptable and scalable to accommodate fluctuating business needs
Flexible, scalable, adaptable, configurable as per warehouse storage needs.
Cost-effective solution for direct access to all pallets
Suitable for stackers, forklifts, reach trucks and VNA equipment.
Allows multiple product access in same aisle
No special truck requirements
Lower forklift or pallet handling costs
Floor level is not critical as it is front loaded
Simplifies inventory management, order fulfillment, improves overall warehouse productivity and efficiency.
The pallets rest on horizontal load beams held in place by beam connectors to the upright.
The beam level is adjustable and you can change the height as per load and pallet sizes.
Convenient for warehouses that need storage for standard or customized sizes.
Provides easy accessibility to all products at all times.
This makes it convenient when warehouse operations require quick access to inventory for high throughputs.
Simple to install, adjustable and can be customised as per your storage requirements.
Can opt for a double-deep rack configuration for high storage density.
Or single rack for basic storage with full accessibility.
Retail distribution centers, FMCG, Electronics, Auto parts, Wholesale stores, etc.
Ensures individual access to all pallets with 100% SKUs selectivity
Simplifies stock management with ease of stock rotation
Accommodates almost every unit load with variable width and depth
Offers a variety of frame and beam capacities to fit your requirements
Add economical shelving for low level picking for customization and convenience
High location usage storage system
Enables accurate and safe picking with no delays
Compatible to different material handling equipments
Quick access to large range of SKUsThe most versatile and highly flexible system for storage of palletized products.
Most suitable for common Material Handling Equipment’s (MHE) like Forklift, Stacker and Reach Truck.
Selective pallet racking offers complete access for palletized loads with High stock rotation.
Vertical storage gives economical use of floor space with low investment cost/Pallet.Economical and Optimum solution for warehouses with palletized products and wide variety of SKU’s.
This system allows convenient and unrestricted access to each and every pallet.
With low investment costs the racking configuration can be easily modified and extendable.
Working aisle and the height of the rack depends upon the characteristics of Material Handling Equipment, pallet size and the height of warehouse.
This system has wide range of accessories and safety equipment.
New Generation Profiles with increased load carrying capacity and Improved stability.
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