3D Pallet Shuttles – Economical Pallet Warehouse For Buildings With Small Heights – Irregular Shapes

Intralog Innovations Mumbai sales@intralogindia.com offers as/rs automated storage retrieval systems for miniloads, cartons, boxes, bins for automated warehouses, distribution centers, order fulfillment centers, in-plant buffer storage. Shuttle based system allow high density storage in existing building with ceiling height restrictions, odd shaped, intruding columns.
Pallet AS/ RS With 3D Four Way Shuttles With Vertical Lifts / Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors
-High-density, high-throughput for storage-distribution of pallets for high volume fast-moving SKUs.
-Shuttles-lifts only two moving parts for all pallet movements. Short inbound-outbound conveyors, compact as/rs pre-zone.
-Shuttles move horizontally in X-Y directions. Lifts transport either only shuttle, only pallet or both. Both controlled by WMS.
-Ideal economic automation solution for warehouses, distribution centers with lower ceiling heights
-High-density storage, good space utilization, throughput, cost efficiencies, flexibility, modularity, scalability.
-Easily adaptable to existing buildings, growth in ever-changing SKU mixes, JIT deliveries, packaging, returns.
-Helps reduce total cost, factoring facility, labor, equipment, inventory with efficient storage-throughput
-Speeds-up throughput, improves cost efficiency, helps maintain more precise product tracking
-Sufficient flexibility, space utilization, throughput and cost payback to justify the investment
Best suited for Cold-Storage warehouses, distribution centers:-
-Helps avoids manually-operated forklifts impacting racks, doors, walls and product cases.
-Helps reduce fulfillment errors that increases returns, shipping costs, poor product rotation
-Helps reduce personnel, improves safety, reduces staff recruitment and retention problems.
-Helps food-beverage operations run 24/7, high-density storage, high-volume, limited-SKU counts
Automated Pallet Warehouse With 4-Way 3D Pallet Shuttles


AS/RS Pallet Warehouse With 4-Way 3D Pallet Shuttles
Phased Modernization For Pallets Warehouse With 3D 4 Way Pallet Shuttles


AS/RS Pallets With Four Way 3D Shuttles Forklift InFeed Outfeed


AS/RS Pallets Warehouse With 4 Way 3D Pallet Shuttles Intake Transfer Cars


AS/RS Pallet Warehouse With 3D 4 -Way Shuttles With Conveyor Infeed-Outfeed


3D Pallets Shuttles For Batch Picking Of Pallets


Complete Line Of Equipments For Automated Warehouses


3D Pallet Shuttles For Case Picking On Conveyors


3D Pallet Shuttles For Case Picking On Hand Pallet Trucks


3D Pallet Shuttles For Case Picking On Autonomous Mobile Robot


Pallet AS/ RS With 3D Four Way Shuttles With Vertical Lifts / Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors
-Lowers pre-zone costs with inexpensive pallet racking-forklifts or gravity-flow conveyor with manual pallet stackers instead of conventional powered conveyor
-It is possible to start with one shuttle, one lift and scale up with more shuttles-lifts as needs grow.
-High-density storage in FIFO or LIFO configurations with storage of more than 20 pallets deep.
-Configurable, flexible, scalable. Adapts to any existing/new warehouse building, no matter the size constraints
-Expansion and reconfiguration simplified with few physical changes in racks and software.
-Flexible storage- easily adaptable to ever-changing fast and slow-moving SKUs from 80/20% to say 60/40% mix.
-Access multiple SKU’s on any aisle, any level. Allows deep-lane and shallow-lane storage within same racks.
-24/7 operation allows off-shift staging-sequencing of pallets to rapidly load trucks with a shuttle and forklift
-As shuttles- lifts use own arrays of sensors for motion-safety control. No need of Wifi sensors in warehouse.
-Shuttles powered by 120ah Li-ion batteries, can operate continuously for up to 6 hours.
-Batteries can fully charge up automatically in 45 minutes using aisle charging locations. Opportunity charging.
-Supports automated receiving, order picking replenishment, layer picking, end-of-line production, staging for shipping.
-Optimizes labor-intensive picking function for great cost savings.Improved productivity, reduced labor requirements, best use of space.
-Reduced manual forklifts use at end-of-production-line, warehousing reduces product-facility damage
-Added side movement tracks between aisles helps the shuttles reach pallets positions even faster.
-This makes individual aisles shorter, results in even better availability for pallets or pallet batches. Shuttles, Lifts, side movement tracks between aisles extremely compact for best storage capacity.
-Software allows operator to issue large batches of tasks, prioritize tasks, operate automatically.
-Automatic control by linking software to company’s ERP. Or by opertor through graphical interface.
-Software makes all picking strategies possible, allowing for full usage of the available storage lanes.
-Safety zones can be configured, so that shuttles can execute ongoing tasks in rest of warehouse, while a certain zone of warehouse becomes no-limit zone to shuttles.
-Can be designed with multiple lifting frames per shaft when needed to deploy more shuttles per level during peaks.
-Single software handles several shuttles, lifts to work together to complete high priority tasks quickly.
-Tandem operation possible-while one shuttle on top fetches pallets and place them in lift another shuttle at bottom level waits to transfer pallets to the loading/unloading area.
-With multi-shuttles-lifts, system can continue operation while a lift/shuttle malfunctions or are undergoing maintenance.

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