Pallet Handling

Optimum Solution For Economical Handling Of The Internal Goods Flow
Single Pallets With A Weight Upto 1,500 Kg Or Three Pallets 1250 Kg On Triple Space Conveyor
Applicable In Areas With Temperatures From -28°C To +35°C  With Humidity Of 10 % To 90 % (Non-Condensing)
Compatible For Euro, Indu And Chep Pallets (Max. 1200 X 1200 mm) Adaptations To Customer-Specific Load Carriers Are Possible
Chain Conveyor Roller Conveyor Lifting Station With Roller Conveyor
Eccentric Lifting Station Without Conveyor Lifting Station At Ground Level Roller Conveyor At Ground Level (Feeding Station)
Turning Station Pallet Turning Station Belt Lift
Hopper With Chain Lift Pallet Lift Pallet Stacker De-Stacker
Shuttle Car Transfer Station
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