Pallet Conveyor Systems RBS

Modular system to handle wide range-dimensions of commercial pallets upto payload 1200 kgs
Can interface with most manual, semi-automated, automated material handling equipments
Variety of modules offered for horizontal, vertical, curved, diversions, transfers.
Compact design of roller conveyor allows installation directly on the floor.
Modular design allows adjusting roller distances, conveyor widths to suit the grid.
Allow manual-automated interface with various material handling equipments.
Roller/chain conveyors with al profiles with guide grooves allow installation of cables-BUS lines
Chain conveyors with duplex chains are available with two or multiple strands.
Narrow ball-bearing guides facilitate transitions of pallets between conveyors w/o additional supports
Vertical conveyors easily integrated for multi-storey applications
Safety systems, enclosures or protective devices complement the whole system.
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