Automated Storage Retrieval System With Overhead Stacker Cranes Serving Multiple Aisles For Pallets Unit Loads Miniloads

Overhead Cranes Stores-Retrieves Goods On Racks Across Multiple Aisles.
Store-Retrieves Pallet Loads, Metal Cages, Roll Cages, Drums, Totes, Rolls, Long Goods, Flat Goods, Molds, Dies, Coils, Heavy Loads, Miniloads, Castings, etc.
Cranes require approx 1.5m space above racks. Cranes move on rails which can be mounted on independent structure or can be mounted on existing racks (thus saving costs on independent structure) by changing outer racks to withstand crane loads. 
Suitable For Many Different Types Of Racks Including Live Racks, Mobile Racks.

Pallet Loads – Unit Loads Rolls-Films Of Metal-Paper-PVC-Fabric Drums Of Oils, Lubricants Small Goods-Castings Up To 2 Tons
Flat Goods – Sheetmetal Crane Over Mobile Racks Long Goods On Cantilever Racks Goods On Long Metal Pallets
Coils Upto 32 Tons Molds-Dies-Heavy Loads
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