OLS X – One Level Shuttle That Can Travel Outside Racks Like AGV


Shuttle AGV works like a Shuttle and an optically guided AGV. Moves like shuttle within warehouse. Leaves warehouse area, travels to deliver goods to GTP Goods-To-Person Order Picking Work Station like AGV.

  • Highly-flexible, scalable shuttle system adapatable, customizable to varied requirements.
  • Warehouse system can consist of two or more aisles which are divided into multiple levels.
  • Each level is equipped with one or more shuttles depending on the performance requirement.
  • Start distribution centres with small initial investment, configure and expand as company grows.
  • Additional aisles can be added to length and width of your system during operation.
  • Switching of vehicles between the interconnected aisles possible via easy, rail-free platforms.
  • Only dependent on rail guidance within aisles. No maintenance-intensive, mechanical interchangeable running gear.
  • Motion positioning on platforms using the integrated visual navigation.
  • Intelligent WMS helps plan routes of different shuttles for maximum possible performance.
  • Each workstation has direct access to every article in the system, also with exact sequencing.
  • The power is supplied via dual-layer capacitors and avoids lithium-ion batteries.
  • Sequencing within warehouse, avoids need for expensive conveyor loops or sequencing towers.
  • Integratibility into existing warehouses. Flexibility to use one or more shuttles on each level.
  • Shuttle travels like AGV to supply containers from warehouse to order picking work stations.
  • Unlike conventional shuttles operating on rails, Shuttle AGV does not require expensive wheel changes hence less prone to errors, making it extremely low-maintenance.
  • Flexibility to position all work places, transfer stations in all directions in accordance to needs.
  • Shuttle AGV handles different container and box sizes, communicates via a WLAN connection.
  • Lightweight, good payload capacity, fast transportation speeds, extremely energy-efficient maximises the number of containers moved.
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