OLS One Level Shuttles

  • Serves single level handling totes-cartons-trays upto 50 kgs without integrated lift
  • Payload of 2 x 50 kg. High storage density by single, double or multi-deep storage
  • Varied container-box sizes can be stored in same rack for better warehouse management.
  • Shuttles moveable between levels if need do not justify dedicated shuttles at each level.
  • Each lane is divided, depending on the storage height, in several levels.
  • Each lane has lifting devices for output of totes and/or for level changes of shuttles.
  • Location of shuttles can be adjusted as per demand in the specific lane.
  • Designed to fit integrated solution of shuttle, shelf, vertical conveyors, conveying technology.
  • Amongst other uses, well suited for incoming-outgoing goods for GTP Work Stations.
  • Reduced process costs thrudirect box storage. Significantly improved price-performance ratio
  • Warehousing processes greatly simplified eg re-packaging, handling of empties is deleted.
  • Compact, modular design allows more totes in each shelf for best price /performance ratio.
  • Energy storage-conservation helps reduce connected loads, energy costs.
  • Modular design of each system component helps design best suited customized solutions.
  • Low weight, high payloads, excellent dynamics result in very energy efficient system.
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