Overhead Crate Picker For Food & Beverages

Flexible handling of cases varying in sizes. Consists of:-

  • Grab to automatically lowers-raises to grasp cases with parts
  • Girder enables 4-way movements.
  • Rails and support columns for girder.

System stacks-stores-retrieves cases for parts placed on floor inside the support columns and sorts-stacks them for storage

Useful for any applications in which large volumes of products that are handled in plastic crates, bins, or trays . Handles variety of standard crates even within one system. Gripper system can handle:-

  • Plastic crates
  • Plastic Trays
  • Cardboard Cases
  • Carts-Dollies
  • Roll cages-containers
  • Quarter Half Full Pallets
Challenges in distribution of perishable fresh fruits-vegetables-food –dairy-beverages:-

  • High volume-low margin business. Perishable goods with short sell-by dates.
  • Dairy-bread-morning goods need to arriveat store early for longer shelf lives.
  • Supermarkets-more varieties, more delivery frequency,batch traceability, shelf life.
  • High system availability, easily cleanable, stringenthygience customer service needs
  • Labor intensive repetitive work, heavy lifting, odd hours, cold store condition
  • High labor attirition- high labor costs- multiple functions required in limited space

Automation solution needs to take of entire material flow right from when fresh goods enters right up to shipping dock with ultrahigh density storage ensuring buffer capability to balance continous production with specific delivery windows.

Provides a simple economical high speed multi-tasking solution:-

  • Buffer storage of goods arriving from production or goods-in
  • Stores prioritizes stock to be dispatched, stores stacks till they need sequencing.
  • Consolidation & replenishment for full crates, manually picked mixed crates.
  • Order picking, delivery scheduling, sequencing, load planning, order release
  • Order consolidation – loading – dispatch on multiple load handling units
  • Mixed layer- full layer case palletizing
  • Regular emptying of storage area for hygiene, cleaning & maintenance.
  • Roll cages, dollies received, stored, picked in same way as stacks of crates.
  • Grabs can handle case-crates of 25 kgs or stack of multiple cases up to 250 kgs
  • Goods arrive by conveyor in stacks of crates with single product or SKUs.
  • Grab arms picks crates from relevant stack for the first product of the order.
  • After picking required quantity of crates, it moves to stack for next product.
  • Arm can pick single crate or multiple crates together of one SKU as needed.
  • Stacks completed are stored for dispatch later or deposited on out feed conveyor.
  • Stacks readied on roll containers/ dollies can be wheeled into delivery vehicle.
  • System easily scalable as volumes or number of SKUs or supermarkets grow.
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