Overhead Gantry Order Picker For Full Layer Case Palletizing

Load it Products received from Production/ Warehouse / AS/RS
are stored underneath an overhead gantry in a staging area.
The staging area includes pallet of all varieties of SKU.
Monitor it WMS facilitates order fulfillment, processing and management. Monitors inventory, order information, pallet building, picking sequences. Can build orders and manage replenishment.
Ship it Customer orders can be built in any sequence at any time. Once complete, pallets are shrink wrapped, labeled then transported to the dock or loaded directly into a truck/ trailer.

  • Just-In-Time Order Picking
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Less Labor Costs- Reduced Overtime
  • Eliminate Errors- 100% Order Accuracy
  • Ensure Traceability As Products Move Across Facility.
  • Less Warehouse Equipment Needed
  • Operating Hours Cut Back
  • More Off-Shift Productivity
  • Reduced Damage With Gentle Handling
  • Smaller Warehouse Footprint < 50% Space
  • Improved Loading Efficiency
  • Proper Sequence Of Orders
  • Sequencing For Route Planning
  • Direct Loading In Trucks/ Trailers
  • Higher Throughput Capabilities
Analyzing data from WMS helps improves:-

  • Material Flow Processes
  • Order Picking Efficiency
  • Order Picking Productivity
  • SWOT Analysis To Improve Operations
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