Rack Mounted Crane With Rotating Mast Moving In Multiple Aisle To Store Long Goods On CantiLever Racks 9-12m High

Rack Mounted Over Crane With Telescopic Rotating Mast Serving Multiple Aisles For Loads Upto 3 Tons On Cantilever Racks Upto 12m High
Stacker Crane Can Be Integrated With Pallet Racks. OR Can Be Mounted On Bridge Crane.
Existing Racks – If Existing Racks To Be Used, Can Provide Stacker Crane On (New) Left-Right Outer Racks With Rails
Travels Without Touching Floor– No Need Of Industrial Flooring – Savings In Flooring
Several Rack Types Can Be Used Depending Upon The Application.
Rack Types Can Be Used In Different Combinations For All Storage Needs.
One Operator Effortlessly Handles Upto 2.5-3 Tons Loads With Minimal Training.
Cost Effective- Aisle Changing – Operates In In Multiple Aisles, Saves Facility Costs
Handle Goods 6m Long 3 Tons – Variety Of Forks To Handle Variety Of Loads
Better Space Usage In Narrow Aisles Reaches 12 m. Works In ≥ 1.35 m Wide Aisles.
Low Cost Alternative To Automated Forklifts, AGVs, AMRs, AS/RS Stacker Cranes.
Trilateral Forks Help Warehouses Without Special Floors For Trilateral VNA Forklifts.
Reduces Walking To Reach Goods. Operates Faster, Safely And Efficiently.
Full Load Capacity At Max Lift Height Unlike Narrow/ Very Narrow Aisle MHE.
Can Lift Full Capacity At All Levels – Lift From Ground Upto Maximum Lift Height.
Less Dependence of Operator’s Judgement Of What Loads Go Where.
Longer Scheduled Maintenance Crane > 2000 hrs, Forklifts (Multiple) < 500 hrs.
Less Maintenance Costs. More Productive Hours. Less Labour Costs.
Energy Efficient Operates Without Batteries. Connected Directly To The Mains.
Real Time Control With Bi-Directional Integration With Client’s ERP/WMS/WRP
PLC Software Connects with ERP, WMS, WRP, Manage Goods-In, Goods-Out 24×7.
Increases Productivity, Reduces Errors, Helps Execute Complex Operation .
Cranes Always Ready To Work. No Awaiting Forklift. Store-Retrieve in 2-3 min.
Organized Inventory
. Less Time Spent ‘Hunting’ For Goods. Less Lost Items.
Immediate Accessibility
Of Inventory. Less Labor Higher Productivity.
Stacker Cranes Economical
To Diesel/ Electric Forklifts. Lesser Power Costs.
Maximizes Use Of Your Available Floor Space & Vertical Cube Space.
Improves Organization
& Productivity. Keeps WIP Areas Cleaner & Safer
Increases Safety
& Decreases Product, Rack, And Building Damage
Eliminating Forklifts
Helps Reduce Human Errors, Injuries, Deaths, Damages To Assets, Facilities, Racks, Walls.
Available for Different Temperatures , Humidity Environments /Hazardous Goods

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