Manual Overhead Stacker Crane With Rotating Mast To Store-Retrieve Pallets Unit Loads Containers In Multiple Aisles Payload 500 Kgs 4m High Racks

  • Manually pushed overhead stacker crane for loads up to 500 kgs, up to 4m high racks
  • Unit loads, containers and pallets weighing up to 500 kgs can be stored with ease.
  • Lifting carriage can be with forks, prongs, tongs or other load handling attachments
  • Long and cross travel always by hand, lifting motion via electric chain hoist
  • Fixed length mast with rotating trolley can be rotated up to 360° by hand
  • Store-retrieve goods without need of ladders, order picking trolleys, similar MHE.
  • Can be rack mounted or supported on independent supports.
  • Aluminum corrosion-free mast structure. Special stacker trolley.
  • All tasks can be performed in one operating cycle.
  • Optional: Camera to aid operator mounted on fixed telescopic mast at operator level
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