MLS Multi Level Shuttles

  • Multi-Level-Shuttle is a highly dynamic shuttle system to serve several storage levels.
  • System based on rail-mounted shuttle, racking system with lifts, running rails and controls.
  • Variety of load handling devices allows handling totes, cartons, trays of varying sizes upto 50 kg in single-multiple depths.
  • Storage system can be a multi-aisle with each aisle separated into several modules, dependent on warehouse height.
  • Each MLS system can access several warehouse levels. Suitable for cost-effective storage of many different types of products.
  • Modular construction of the individual aisles provides for flexible expansion of the storage system as required.
  • Offered in three versions:- MLS Type 1 has contact-free linear drive inductive current transfer or via power rails.
  • This type has the benefit of having a drive that works nearly maintenance-free and allows relocation of the shuttle.
  • MLS Type 2 is driven via an omega configured toothed belt drive. Toothed belt fixed on aisle while drive on shuttle moving along the aisle.
  • This type is particularly suitable for short storage aisles and highly dynamic applications. Power transfer via power rails.
  • MLS Type 3 has an all-wheel drive to allow moving-storing even heavy warehouse goods in multiple depths in long storage aisles. Power transfer via power rails.
  • MLS Type 1 and MLS Type 3 have no aisle-bound installation and thus may be elevated to several levels within the racks.
  • This is particularly beneficial where throughput does not demand a dedicated shuttle in each level of the system.
  • Data transmission is performed via a data photocell or a shielded WLAN network depending on requirements.
  • Amongst other uses, well suited for incoming-outgoing goods for GTP Order Picking Work Stations
  • Can be integrated with WMS for automatic provision of containers, trays or boxes for processing per requisite sequence.
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