AS/RS Miniload Shuttles Serving Multiple Levels For Fast Movers And Multi-Storey Warehouses

Intralog Innovations Mumbai offers low cost Shuttles Based Miniload AS/RS for Fast Movers for boxes-cartons, bins-trays, totes. Shuttles moving on rails cater to several storage levels with single or double deep storage on either side.  Shuttles can reach upto 5-8 storage levels upto height of 5.5m. Move boxes-cartons-bins-trays to and from lifts into storage positions. Shuttle system in central aisle replenishes flat or carton flow racks with pick-by-light order picking solutions for fast movers. Several such shuttles mounted at different height levels can be used in multi-storey warehouses.

Systems Parts: Rail Mounted Shuttle With Integrated Lift, Rails,, Racks, Controls.
Can Store-Retrieve On Several Storage Levels Boxes-Bins Upto 50 kgs x 2 Nos
Faster Storage Retrieval Rates As Compared To AS/RS Miniload Stacker Cranes.
Can Store In Single Deep & Multiple Deep
Useful For Manual Order Picking to replenish Carton Flow Racks  With Pick-By-Light.
Useful For Automated Order Picking By Supporting Goods-To-Operator Work Stations.


Offered In Three Versions:-
MLS Type 1 Has Contact-free Linear Drive Inductive Current Transfer Or Via Power Rails. Has The Benefit Of Having A Drive That Works Nearly Maintenance-free And Allows Relocation Of The Shuttle.
MLS Type 2 Is Driven Via An Omega Configured Toothed Belt Drive. Toothed Belt Fixed On Aisle While Drive On Shuttle Moving Along The Aisle. Most Suitable For Short Storage Aisles- Rapidly Changing Needs. Power Transfer Via Power Rails.
MLS Type 3 Has An All-Wheel Drive To Allow Moving-Storing Even Heavy Goods In Multiple Depths In Long Storage Aisles. Power Transfer Via Power Rails.
MLS Type 1, MLS Type 3 Not Aisle-Bound. Can Change Levels To Serve Multiple Levels In Rack When Throught put Does Not Justify Dedicated Shuttle Per Level.
Data Transmission By Photocell Or Shielded WLAN Network.
  • Available With Variety Of Load Handling Devices
  • Can Be Multi-aisle With Each Aisle Separated Into Several Modules
  • Multi-Storey Warehouse Can Have Several MLS On Top OF Each Other.
  • Can Serve As Stand-Alone Cost-Effective AS/RS For Fast-Movers Small Parts
  • WMS Can Help Sequence Goods For In-Plant Buffer-Assembly-Packing-Shipping.
  • Shuttles Moveable Between Levels If Shuttles At Each Level Not Justified.
  • Level Change By Vertical Conveyors Adjusted To Customer’s Needs.
  • Vertical Conveyors Deliver-Retrieve Goods From Shuttles.
  • Scalable As Needs Grow. Adapts To New Functions-layouts As Needs Change.
  • Compact System, Fast Assembly, Low Initial Capex – ROI. Low Running Costs.
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