SRM Storage Retrieval Machines ML1-ML2-ML3-ML4

  • Best suited for an energy efficient automatic small-parts storage in order to fulfill the request.
  • Rigid single-mast metal frame construction for minimal stretch deformation, high dynamic resilience.
  • Low-wear bearing with vulkolan and polyamide guide rollers:extremely smooth running.
  • 2-wheel drive for high acceleration and traveling dynamics. Automatic belt tensioners are fitted as standard.
  • The low friction metal guide rails are precision welded to ensure exact guidance of the lifting frame with the Load Handling Device (LHD).
  • A high-performance steel reinforced toothed belt (minimal stretch and high resilience) is used in an enclosed lifting drive.
  • The shear-resistant nylon fabric coating ensures a long service life and high load capacity.
  • Modularly designed with chassis of a precision welded, low-torsion steel profile construction.
  • The ASRS’s are equipped according to requirements with different load handling devices.
  • All critical service elements are accessible without ladder / platform, including the control cabinet
  • Service and setting up can be carried out in narrow running aisles
  • Option of energy recovery system feeds back excess brake energy into the supply grid instead of emitting it as heat.
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