Miniload AS/RS Crane Speed

  • Faster speeds, higher acceleration result in shorter cycle times-delivery time.
  • Higher energy efficiency, low maintenance costs due to intelligent energy management and reduced weight.
  • Frames made from variety of materials- composites, steel, aluminum as in aeroframes-vehicles-boats.
  • Lower deadweight, low center of gravity provides for tremendous dynamic stability inspite of saving space.
  • Large mast in half-timber construction for compact light weight chasis for stability, strength, least vibrations.
  • Drive unit, friction drive positioned directly at rail for optimum power transfer.
  • All distinctive spare parts are easily accessible and maintenance-friendly designed.
  • Giving more productivity with less downtime.
  • Advanced controls ensures recovery of brake energy and/or optimising the lifting and traveling movements.
  • Intelligent controls adjusts the speed to the order situation by its own. The data is transmitted via WLAN or optical data.
  • The dramatically reduced operating costs lead to a faster return on investment.
  • The long-term total cost of ownership is lower than those of conventional ASRS.
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