Mini-Loads Shuttles KNAPP

The powerful shuttle system for totes, cartons and hanging goods.
Throughput performances up to 1,400 load carriers per hour can be attained.
We place just as much value on high redundancy and sustainability to ensure maximum availability. Therefore, we equip all components with systems for energy recovery.
allows for flexible system design
High Performance up to 1,400 cartons/totes per aisle and hour.
Using two load handling devices per shuttle lift or tote lift (up to 30 m high) enables maximum performance.
Low Storage Location Costs thanks to multi-deep storage with Stingray Wide Aisle Technology
Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Systems by equipping all components with energy management energy recovery systems
Use Even Under Extreme Conditions leading shuttle technology for special requirements, such as freezer temperatures down to -30 °C
Optimum Space-Saving thanks to slim clad rack structure due to the use of advanced steel and shelf construction
Seamless Maintenance thanks to integrated maintenance concepts such as practical maintenance platforms, automated shuttle replacement and an intelligent diagnostic tool
Our extensive product modules enable an individualised system design.
Energy Savings Thanks To Patented Energy Recovery System
Brake energy is stored temporarily in super-capacitors and reused for accelerating shuttles
Leading Technology For Freezer Applications Down To -30 °C
Sophisticated, proven technology for use in temperature ranges down to -30 °C
Failure-Free Communication Technology Via Conductor Rail
Unlike conventional applications based on failure-prone WLAN communication, the connection is established over a stable network connection via conductor rail
High System Availability Even During Maintenance Thanks To Partial Aisle Deactivation
Intelligent integration of light grids for activating and deactivating areas of the shuttle aisle (individual areas can be serviced while the rest of the system runs at peak operation)
The portfolio makes it possible to adapt the system optimally to your needs according to your requirements and marginal conditions.
Stingray N/V: Totes, trays, cartons Double deep 660 x 460 lengthways
Stingray WA N/V Totes, trays, cartons Triple-deep 660 x 460 lengthways
Stingray HG Hanging goodsDouble deep 1200 x 650 lengthways
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