Automated storage-retrieval-distribution for Industrial Parts-Spares-Hardware

Intralog Innovations offers automated storage-retrieval order fulfillment solutions. Varied solutions-technologies for warehouses-distribution centers for small parts, automotive electricals-mechanical parts, light fittings, industrial spares, electricals-plug-sockets, mechanical items-hardware, ceramic tiles-sanitary ware, kitchen-bathroom fittings in bins, boxes, cartons,  as/rs, stacker cranes, 2D shuttles, g-t-p stations.
Hardware Distribution Center With 2D Miniload Shuttle System
AS/RS Miniload With 2D Shuttles For Order Fulfillment In Automated Warehouse
Miniload Shuttle System Based Spare parts Distribution Center
In-Plant Warehouse Distribution Center For Ceramic Products- Tiles- Sanitary Ware
In-Plant Storage JIT Supplies In Truck Cabins Production Plant
In-Plant Automated Storage For JIT Production Support
In-Plant Storage For JIT Production For Ball-Roller Bearings Plant
Automotive 3PL Logistics Center With Miniload Shuttles System
Distribution Center Automotive Electricals
Distribution Center Hanging Car Seat Covers
Distribution Center Automotive Parts
Distribution Center Automotive Tyre Tubes
Shuttles Based  For Consumer Electronics Warehouse
AS/RS Shuttle System For Electricals-Sockets-Plugs Distribution Center
AS/RS Shuttle System For Automotive-Industrial Electricals Distribution Center
Automated Storage In Distribution Center For Electrical Sensors
Distribution Center For Omni Channel Electronics Wholesaler
Automated Distribution Center For Light Fittings
Electricals Wholesaler Distribution Center
Distribution Center Automotive Electricals
Small Parts Distribution Logistics Center
Small Parts Order Fulfillment Center
Small Parts Warehouse
Small Parts Fulfillment Center
AS/RS Mechanical Parts With Stacker Crane Telescopic Forks
Automated Warehouse For Small Parts in Bins
Automated Storage Distribution For Small Parts
Distribution Center For Power Tools Accessories Industrial Clothings
Automated Small Parts Warehouse Distribution Center For Electricals
Industrial Small Parts Distribution Center With Varied Picking Options
Distribution Center For Transformers Custom Magnetics
Automated Storage Distribution For Bathroom Fittings
Complete Line Of Equipments For Automated Warehouses


Please click below links for Videos of Sample Warehouses-Distribution-Logistics Centers
Hardware Distribution 2D Shuttles For Small Parts Small Parts Distribution Center Ceramic Tiles-Sanitary Ware
In-Plant Parts Storage – Supply Buffer Storage – JIT Parts Supply Buffer Storage – JIT Parts Supply Bathroom Kitchen Fittings
Automotive Electricals Automotive Tyres Tubes Spares Automotive Spares Automotive Power Trains
Consumer Electronics Industrial Plug Sockets Industrial Electricals Industrial Electronic Sensors
Omnichannel Electronics Auto-Industrial Light Fittings Electricals-Plugs Sockets  Automotive Sensors
Electricals-Electronics Spares Ball-Roller Bearings Industrial Hardware Fasteners-Screws-Hardware
Transformer Magnetics Small Mechanical Parts
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