Lift Stores-Supplies Beds, Medical Items-Food-Laundry Trolleys In Multi-Speciality Hospitals

Person goes to lift with used items. Scans i.d., puts in request for replacements. New items arrive. Person replaces new items with used items and walks-away. New stocks arrive either from floor level racks or from basement. Quick exchange, more storage in less floor space. Used items replenished with new ones during idle time.
8-storey hospital served by 25m high system can have up to 6 accesses. Each floor has 3 ready-to-use beds, 9-12 trollies. More storage in floors without accesses.
Lift to store-retrieve and exchange:-

  • Clean beds with used ones.
  • Trollies for patient rooms-consumables.
  • Trollies for food at regular intervals.
  • Trollies for medical equipments
  • Trollies for cleaning equipments-laundry.
  • Enthrall patients with hygienic, silent, peaceful service.
  • Allows faster admission. Improve bed utilization, profits.
  • Use lift shaft, space outside building walls to store items.
  • Centralized cleaning-storage saves space-people.
  • Faster exchange between wards and centralized tasks.
  • Timely deliveries with lesser movement of people.
  • Automate routine tasks. Use fewer people per ward.
  • Maintain cleanliness-safety-hygiene with few staff.
  • Increase availability of specialized staff and machines.
  • Run daily tasks across all wards with fewer people.
  • Allows ward staff to focus on more essential tasks.
  • Fewer staff with same skills-repetitive tasks across wards.
  • Maintain buffer stocks without using valuable floor space.
  • Cuts common inventories of items, tools across wards.
  • Improves profits-ROI by allowing housing more patients.
  • Nurses can focus on patient instead of inventory control.
  • Reduces service lifts. Frees up lifts for more patients.
  • Option of electrical powered in storage positions for EKG.
  • Option of humidity, temperature control for sensitive items
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