Intra Logistics Solutions For Wines & Spirits

AS/RS Automated Storage-Retrieval Solutions For Warehouses, Distribution Centers For Producers, Distributors, Retailers Of Food Products, Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Technologies Depend On Existing Or New Project, Present Rack System, Available Height, Foot Print,  Payload, Storage Positions, Throughput, Volumes, SKU, Temperatures.…Few Examples
Overhead Picker For Crates, Bins, Trays, Carts,Dollies Pallet-Store Vertical Storage Retrieval System For Palletized Goods
Pallet-Crane Multi-Aisle Crane System In Conventional Racks Mobi-Rack Multi-Aisle Overhead Crane In Mobile Racks
VertiStore – Vertical Storage Of Items On Metal Trays Payloads 250 500 1000 Kgs MultiStore – Vertical Storage-Retrieval Order Picking For Items on Metal Trays
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