Dynamic Flow Racks

  • Powered horizontal flow rack warehouses for pallets, unit loads and trays up to 1500 kg.
  • Horizontally arranged throughput channels – each carrier roller is driven by a toothed wheel chain drive
  • Powered horizontally placed flow rack system of pallet accumulation roller conveyors means safe operation.
  • Infeed-Outfeed can be Forklifts, Pallet Conveyors, Transfer Cars-Pallet Lifters, AS/RS Stacker Cranes-Shuttles Based.
  • Pallets are transported on powered rollers and accumulate automatically with zero line pressure.
  • No “braking” – therefore also no danger that pallets break free and hit the floor with destructive force.
  • Accumulation roller conveyors guarantee safe continuous operation as every single roller is powered.
  • Each carrier roller driven by gear chain drive. Simultaneous drive of multiple channels by common motor. Drive parts fully enclosed.
  • Secure, smooth, even pallet transportation, conveyor speed 0.2 m/s–each flow rack channel is an accumulation roller conveyor.
  • Lowest power demand, only approx. 5 Watt per pallet–no bunched conveyance– leads to high energy efficiency.
  • Warehouse works on FIFO with a load side and removal side. This leads to short travel and efficient work.
  • Flow rack channels can be 10 to 100m long. Space is used optimally since the lanes do not need to decline.
  • Flow rack warehouse much safer for both the goods and the staff vs gravity conveyor system.
  • Roller Conveyor Horizontal-not inclined. Brakes cannot fail; Works without line pressure.
  • Guarantees safe removal of pallets even with damaged running rails.
  • Comprehensive safety for pallets with heavy and light conveyed goods and for the people who operate the warehouse.
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