Deflector is a mechanical transfer device wherein the conveyed goods are removed in another direction through a repellent element which is diagonally mounted to the transport flow.
Between conveyed goods and conveyors a relative movement takes transversely place to transport flow. The delivery process is dependent on the force acting on the conveyed propulsive force.
At the transfer process the conveyed material is moved out from the delivery flow of the continous conveyer path while the main drive is continuing.
To protect the conveyed goods and the performance improvement an element with perimeter strap or belt is inserted. The deflector is used indoors to turn and remove general cargo (containers, cartons, etc).
Deflector – Type 351.01
• standing firm
• motor driven
Deflector – Type 351.10
• swivelling
• motor driven
Deflector – Type 351.11
• swivelling
• not motor drive
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