Rack Supported PEB – Clad Rack Warehouse – Silo Warehouse

• Eliminates roof and exterior siding needs and allows a construction free racking system.
• Rack clad PEB can go upto 40 meters high. Best economy when integrated with AS / RS systems.
• External cladding systems rigorously constructed for testing earthquake, snow and wind load.
• Reduces construction investment, providing a cost advantage from 18% to 30%.
• More space gained with need for columns and beams eliminated in buildings.
• Structure can be easily dismantled to move to another site and re-assembled.
• Aisles in clad racks can be altered depending on type of loading equipment used.
• Shelves fixed on levelled concrete then exterior panels fixed. Optionally ramp and leveller can be used.
• System designed as railed with VNA between modules. Faster, cheaper, fully automatic storage.
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