Automated Pallet Racking With Multi-Aisle Shuttles For Multi-Deep Channel Storage For Warehouses, Distribution Centres, Production Areas.

High-density pallet storage system for block stacking of goods on pallets with help of shuttles-satellites.
Remote controlled shuttle carts-satellite shuttles move pallets within multi-deep rack lanes in X-Y directions.
Multiple shuttles placed by vertical shuttle lifts, goods lifted-lowered by pallet elevators.
Ideal for growing companies with existing buildings with limited height, easily scalable as sales grows.
Li-Battery/ Bus Bar Operated. Allows Different Pallet Sizes in Same Channel.
Sizes 800 x 1200, 1000 x 1200, 1200 x 1200 mm. Narrow Aisle 1000 mm. Payload 1500 Kg, Std temp 0-450C. Frozen 0-300C.
Improve work efficiency, save labor cost in Food-Beverage, Chemical, Cold Storage, Automobile, 3PL Centers.
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