Warehouse With Mobile Racks Automated With Stacker Shuttle

Innovations Mumbai sales@intralogindia.com offers as/rs automated storage retrieval systems with mobile racks automated with crane-shuttle. AS/RS Automatic Storage Retrieval Systems For Heavy Loads, Palletized Goods, Cold Storages, Miniloads – Totes, Cartons, Boxes, Bins. By saving aisle space and allowing use of single crane-shuttle for aisles it offers higher economy and storage density storage compared to conventional stacker crane based systems.
-Overall warehouse storage capacity increases by using a common single aisle space avoiding need for multiple aisles.
-Compared to static selective racks, get 80% increased storage capacity OR save up to 40% of floor space.
-Helps gain additional space which can be allocated for other use or you can increase your stock holding without major structural changes.
-Easiest way to get new space in existing warehouse without major structural changes. Cut aisles, not opportunities.
-No major structural changes required. Adaptable to every type of racking, including pre-existing shelving. Faster ROI return on your investment.
-Modular design makes it scalable, adding mobile bases as required. Mobile bases provides an insulating effect to movement of ground.
-Every individual racks mounted on powered mobile base runing along rail tracks integrated into the levelled concrete floor.
-It opens and closes up, as required, to provide access just to the aisle in which the material required is stored.
-This movement can be achieved by the warehouse operator manually pressing a button or using a remote-control device.
-Each rack controllable with push button installed on racks. PLC with safety sensors to avoid collision between racks and MHE.
-Excellent capacity-to-cost ratio and low maintenance costs. Easy Order Picking with 100 % approachable to any product stored.
-Ideal for storage of large heavy goods on pallets. Items of different sizes weights in normal, cold room or explosive material storage.
-Eg long bodies, such as beams, bars, profiles, extrusions, panels or heavy and bulky goods like moulds, coils or bins.
-Shorter travel distances for MHE movements – reduces energy costs, especially in cold room environments.
-Perfect choice for cold room storage where it’s important to reduce the volume of the cold room or increase its storage capacity.
-Flameproof version available to store inflammable-explosive materials such as inks, paints and solvents. With suitable drives, panels, sensors.
-Mobile racks ca be combined with various automated MHE – Forklifts, Stacker Crane with Radio Shuttles, Autmated Shuttles, Conveyors.
AS/RS With Mobile Racks With Stacker Shuttle Semi-Automated Mobile Racks With Forklift
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