AS/RS Pallets With Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane With On Instantly Adjustable Racks

IntraLog Innovations, Mumbai offers AS/RS Automatic Storage Retrieval Systems For Palletized Dies-Moulds Storage With Overhead Stacker Cranes With Payloads 907 kgs, 1814 kgs, 2721 kgs Rack Heights 2.44m to 7.62m In Upto 2 Aisles 4 Rows
AS/RS For Palletized Die-Mould Storage System Includes A Modified Heavy Duty Pallet Rack With Integrated Overhead Stacker Crane.
It Allows Single Operator To Handle Heavy Dies-Moulds, Control Inventory, Work Safely & Efficiently, Make Use OF Vertical Space.
Benefits Of Instantly Adjustable Racks With Moulds-Dies-Heavy Loads Stored On Metal Pallets

AS/RS Pallets Rack Mounted Stacker Crane For Upto 2 Multiple Aisles
Top 5 Reasons To Automate

  • Higher Output
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Availability
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced Inventory Damage
Inventory Control

  • Inventory Tracking FIFO/ Randem
  • Store-Track Product Information By SKU, Qty, PIN, Description
  • Enter Single Indivudal Pick Commands OR Multiple Commands For Batch Runs
  • Operate/ Program From Remote Location
Equipment Features

  • Bridge & Trolley-Laser Positioning
  • 360 Deg Mast Rotation-Encoder Positioning
  • Carriage Full Height Positioning – Laser Positioning
  • Maintenance Mode Override For Manual Operation
  • Ethernet Wireless Communication
Integrated Equipment

  • Fencing. Interlocked Gates
  • Protective Light Curtains
  • Visual Indicator Light Lamps
  • In-feed/ Out-Feed Conveyrs
  • W.I.P. Carts. Transfer Cars.
  • Static Load & Unload Stations
Single Operator Handles Moulds-Dies Storage Upto 2721 Kgs Upto 7.44m In 2 Aisles, 4 Rows With Minimal Training
Example Of Use

  • Molds-Dies Storage
  • Adjustable Racks
  • Goods On Pallets
  • Stores 200 Molds-Dies


  • Increased Productivity
  • Space Savings
  • Better Safety
  • Better Inventory Control.
  • Saved 42% Space Over Conventional Pallet Racks
  • Goods Placed On Steel Pallets. Shelves Heights Instantly Adjustable To Suit Load Dimensions.
  • No Rack Beams Set To Specific Heights. Increased Storage In Same Cubic Space. Free Valuable Floor Space.
  • Compact Storage Means Less Travelling To Retrieve Goods. Reduced Labor Costs. Improved Employee Productivity
  • One Operator Effortlessly Handles Loads In 2 Aisles 4 Rows With Minimal Training, No Driver License.
  • Entire Inventory Easily Accessible. Maximum Load Handling Capacity At Any Height. Highly Reliable Equipment.
  • Maximum Capacity Load At Any Height. Ideal For Goods With Uniformly Distributed Loads E.g Stamping Dies, Injection Moulds
  • Move Loads Effortlessly Under Power. Effective Use of Valuable Floor Space. Increased Storage In Same Cubic Space.
  • Eliminating Forklifts Helps Reduce Human Errors, Injuries, Deaths, Damages To Assets, Facilities, Racks, Walls.
Single Aisle 2 Rows Configuration Double Aisle 4 Rows Configuration
AS/RS Pallets Overhead Stacker Crane Single Aisle Single Deep Storage


AS/RS Pallets Overhead Stacker Crane Two Aisles Single Deep Storage


Choices of Pallets To Suit Different Needs
Standard Pallet Pallets Allow Sprinkler Water Flow-Thru FlangesAvoid Loads Sliding Off Pallets
Cable Reels Can Be Stored Directly On Pallet Tub With 4-Sided Walls Hts 4″, 8, 12″ Tub With Drop Down Front To Add Remove Items
Tub Partitions To Divide Tub Into 2, 3 or 4 Sections Tub Divider To Divide Tub Into 2, 3 or 4 Sections Cage Container With Drop Down Front To Store & Quickly Access Large Bulky Items
Store Varieties Of 2-3-4 Wheelers, Truck Tires
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