AS/RS Small Parts Warehouse With Miniload Shuttles Payload 100 kgs / 50 x 2 kgs

Miniload shuttles to handle miniloads-containers-totes-boxes-cartons of single varieties goods, trays containing goods of mixed varieties. Used in automated small parts warehouses, akl, miniload systems, small parts as/rs for high-density automated storage of totes, cartons, bins. These shuttles also help storage, retrieval, flow rack replenishment, sequencing, buffering, group retrieval, batch retrieval for case picking G-T-P work stations.
– Shuttles stores 2-4-6 deep totes-cartons-trays upto 100 kgs / 50 x 2 kgs serving single lane single level
– Each lane has lifting devices for output of totes and/or for level changes of shuttles.
– Shuttles moveable between levels if need do not justify dedicated shuttles at each level.
– Different products-container-carton sizes stored in same rack allowing better warehouse management.
Multi-Function of Miniload Shuttle System
• Flexible storage locations in racks
• Can store upto four deep
• Handles various sizes of containers-boxes-cartons
• Sorts for intra-order grouping, mixed pallet picking
• Supports JIT production with items as/rs
• Simultaneous sequencial retrieval to GTP stations
• Helps mixed case pallet building, batch picking
• Support replenishment of flow racks, manual picking
• Support buffering, staging for shipping, cross docking
• Handles boxes-cartons without trays
• Support replenishment of flow racks, manual picking
• Omni-channel, multi-channel uses
– Reduced process costs through direct box storage. Significantly improved price-performance ratio
– Warehousing processes greatly simplified eg re-packaging, handling of empties is deleted.
– Well suited for incoming-outgoing goods, GTP Decanting, Order Picking Work Stations.
– Level change by vertical conveyors individually adjusted to the customer’s requirements.
– High storage density of cartons, boxes single-double-triple-four deep storage, even behind one another.
– Adjustable telescope arms place different sized containers, trays or cartons directly into rack for storage.
– Multi-functional: storage, picking, buffering, sequencing, replenishment and supply
– Can be adapted to existing buildings with low ceilings, column obstruction, irregular shape buildings.
– Compact, modular design allows more totes in each shelf for best price /performance ratio.
– Reduced process costs thru direct box storage. Significantly improved price-performance ratio
– Designed to fit integrated solution of shuttle, shelf, vertical conveyors, conveying technology.
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