AS/RS Pallet Warehouse Stacker Cranes Tomatoes

Stacker Cranes For AS/RS For Unit Loads-Pallets Storage in High Bay Warehouses
Telescopic Forks: Single-Double-Triple Deep Storage.
Satellite Shuttles: Multi-Deep Storage Channels.
-Used to store unit loads or pallets upto 1500,2000, 2500 kgs in high bay warehouses at a height of from 8 to 24 m.
-This device type is also used for automatic loading and unloading of flow rack systems.
-Double mast design for a stiff and reliable structure that meets even the highest requirements.
-Optionally it can be equipped with camera systems for efficient troubleshooting, fault finding with increasd operator comfort-safety.
-Optionally it can be equipped with intelligent power saving controls which dynamically control speed-acceleration, recover braking energy and feed to next motion.
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