Miniload Shuttle System Upto 35 kgs

Intralog Innovations Mumbai offers as/rs automated storage retrieval systems for automated small parts warehouse AKL with payloads upto 35 kgs with shuttles that move 3D inside racks, travel outside racks to order picking work stations, vertically climbing AGV, vertically climbing shuttle robots.
Miniload Shuttles Double Deep Storage upto 35 kgs AGV Shuttles That Can Vertically Climb Racks And Travel Outside Racks To Order Picking Stations
Shuttles move containers-totes-cartons-bins in multi-aisles in high-density small goods storage.
Fast, safe, flexible. Easily scalable as needs grow. Payload 35 kgs, Speed upto 2 m/s.
Single-multiple shuttles can be placed and goods raised-lowered in different aisles by vertical conveyors
Ideal for growing companies with existing buildings with limited height, easily scalable as sales grows.
Li-Battery/ Bus Bar Operated. Allows different container sizes in same channel.
Vertically climbing Shuttle Robots that can climb shelves to collect orders.
Handles miniloads-containers-totes-boxes-cartons-trays in small parts AS/RS.
Payload upto 30kg, Process 400 order /hr, charge hourly hence 24×7 operation.
Laser navigated robots controlled by WMS, avoid collision with each other.
Complete Line Of Equipments For Automated Warehouses
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